Community Sift

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Community Sift is a highly-customizable suite of tools for advanced community management, designed with both safety and user experience in mind. You can use our product to gain real-time insights into user-generated content, restrict/reward user behavior, and escalate high-risk scenarios for human intervention. Set boundaries for peaceful conduct and watch your community thrive.

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Community Sift

Who is Two Hat?

Combining the power of humans & robots

When civil conversation devolves into name-calling and insults, an opportunity to build mutual understanding is lost. Cultivating the belief that diverse opinions make us stronger, we want to ensure everyone has an opportunity to voice their perspective. Our team of passionate individuals is united by a shared goal of bringing harmony to the social web.

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Community Sift

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We’re looking for passionate people who are ready to help us and online communities change the way people communicate.

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